Android Device Support

DS Loader will work on almost all Android devices. Minimum requirements:

  • Android 2.1
  • Single core 700MHz
  • 256MB RAM
  • Screen resolution 240×240
  • 20MB available storage + sequence size (listed in sequence header)

Non standard screen outputs for LED arrays smaller than the device output are supported using the advanced options
overrideWidth and overrideHeight in Screen Data.

A device running Android 4.4 or higher is recommended for displaying HTML5 content as it uses the Chrome web browser
rendering component.

Video playback uses the Android multimedia framework. For HD and 4K video playback ensure the device is capable of
supporting the content you upload.

Android Screen Lock

To prevent users launching other apps or tampering with Android settings, enable the Android screen lock.
DS Loader will run above the screen lock when the device is turned on.

To configure the screen lock, go to Android Settings – Security – Screen Lock

It may still be poosible to exit the player, but this will only result in the screen lock appearing. The
player will automatically return to the foreground after 1 minute.

Android System UI

Many devices display system user interface controls at the bottom of the screen. For example, back, home and recent apps buttons.
The player usually hides these components automatically, but it may be possible to make them reappear.

The player includes a mechanism to completely remove the System UI, but it requires ROOT privileges. There are 2 methods
of gaining ROOT privileges:

  1. Signing DS Loader with the manufacturer system keys
  2. ROOTing the device

If neither of these options are possible. The System UI can be aggressively hidden by adding the following to screen data systemUiHideDelay=0.

For devices used exclusively for digital signage, we recommend removing the Android System UI ( completely and setting a password in screen data.

Tip: Enable the Android Screen Lock to ensure the screen lock appears if the player exits. The
player will automatically return to the foreground after 1 minute.

Android Day Dream

The digital signage player can also run as an Android Day Dream (screen saver)

To enable the day dream, go to Settings – Screen – Day Dream – DS Loader